Friday, October 1, 2010

Bicyclists and Fear

I wonder whether people who ride bicycles ever think about how frightened some of us drivers are of hitting them. I can understand that it's harder to stop and start up again on a bicycle than it is in a car, but most bicyclists I encounter don't follow the traffic laws at all. They don't signal, and they don't stop at stop signs. Hence my fear.

A person I know just had the terrible misfortune of accidentally killing a bicyclist who careened around a corner and into his windshield despite the stop sign that would have protected the bicyclist had he heeded it. This is a grievous loss of a human being, and a terrible burden for the motorist who now has to live with having killed someone.

If you ride a bike, please be mindful of the traffic signs and laws. We'll keep watching out for you, but please help us out by watching out for yourself as well.