Saturday, December 22, 2012

Strange Christmas: Remembering the Newtown Children

Strange Christmas. Twenty-six beloved little ones are being buried in Newtown, CT, where a madman whose name should be consigned to oblivion ruthlessly gunned them down. I want to know everything about these children.
  • Their full names
  • Their  birthdays
  • Their favorite colors
  • Their favorite story
  • Their personalities
  • Their hopes
  • What they wondered about
  • What they loved
I want to remember these children always. I pray that their horrific loss will be the turning point in the fight to get automatic weapons off American streets and out of the hands of civilians.

I grieve with their parents, whose pain I cannot even imagine.

How strange and terrible it is that in a free society our children are not safe, despite the best efforts and personal sacrifices of their parents.

This is a Christmas for mourning and remembering this outrage. This is a Christmas for blessing the families of these little ones and  the journeys of their children, who are also our children.

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