Sunday, April 14, 2013

God Smites me and I Reel

I am a bell ashiver at the clapper’s thud
a door flung open to the swimming stars
a silver ribbon dancing in invisible wind
a footfall stamping the earth in dance
I am that place where hand and drum collide
I am the eye of the cat in which resides
An image of the allinall
dancing singing birthing bleeding
growing, groaning, dying, and whole.

I am a breath.

I am darkness cracked open to expose
the light the light the unquenchable light
inside the most charred or bleeding heart.
I am the light gushed forth from the Ark first seen.

Silenced by its golden fire, newly sacred,
I move carefully, trembling lest I spill the light
that filled me then and sings in me still
thirty years and so much darkness later.

©2013 Joanne Tenenbaum

1 comment:

Kevin Mackey said...

Always loved this, Joanne, since I first saw it.

Glad to see it here (and was glad to see you so well last week.)